Seattle in 28 hours

Living so close to Seattle, just over the border in Vancouver I always planned on a visit but never seemed to get around to it. I had a weekend off work so booked a bus and a hostel for a night and headed off early one Saturday morning. I had worked all day the day before and then had another job that night so ended up sleeping most of the bus trip. It was only about three hours or so. I woke up to see the city in  the distance and the space needle towering above it all. The weather was pretty nice when I got there so I opted to walk from the bus station to my hostel and have a look around the area on the way. By the time I got there it was a good time for check in so I checked in, put my stuff in my locker and headed out to explore. Pike Place Markets To say this market is a little busy is an understatement. It was so packed when I was there which is expected at such a well known market but does leave little time for browsing while in a fast moving crown
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